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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tomorrow, general petraeus will be on the hill to testify about the attacks in libya. and seeing the damage firsthand. today, president obama heads to new york to see areas hardest hit by the superstorm. fox 5 morning news continues right now. straight up 6:00 on this thursday.
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taking a live look at the washington monument. you can see the monuments clearly this morning. clear and cold as you start your day. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news during the 6:00 hour and here is tucker barnes. >> hello. >> good morning. >> good sleeping weather. it is nice and cool out. >> it would be nice. >> it would be for us. >> we don't get that luxury. >> right. let's go to the forecast and yesterday a chilly afternoon. today, we'll be in for another cool one. relatively cold out there this morning. temperatures a few degrees colder than they were 24 hours ago. but definitely on the cold side for mid-november. there is your cloud cover and we'll see a lot more of that than yesterday. it is not going to be completely overcast but mostly cloudy skies. rain showers down in the carolinas. those will slip out to sea. it will not rain but it will feel like it is going to rain. so again, we're not looking at rain showers here but it will feel rather cloudy for much of the day. it will be mostly cloudy for
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most of the day. 42 in washington. 30 out in bits purchasing. 4 in columbus. plenty of cold air across the eastern seaboard. most of our area in the 30s at this hour. highs today, upper 40s to about 50. another cool day. mid-40s north and west and again, a lot of cloud cover. things will get better as we get into the weekend. i'll have details on that. >> time now to say hello again to julie wright. how is traffic? >> okay. unfortunately, it is bumper-to- bumper traffic right now and slow to answer your question. sky fox was heading in the direction of our crash along northbound i-95 approaching 123. they found the accident pulled out of the lanes. all lanes now open northbound on i-95 but what you are looking at here is traffic that
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is starting to slow before potomac mills. we are may back upwell before dale city headed northbound on i-59 trying to work your way out to 123. metro is having some problems this morning. metro's red line single tracking between glenmont and wheaton. this is due to an earlier problem outside of the glenmont station. you will find that trains are moving right now but anticipate a slow get on metro's red line. other than that, things are working fine. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely on the top stretch of the beltway and headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. one central question has been answered but man more will follow. former cia director david petraeus will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> president obama continues to come to the defense of one of the key players under scrutiny during a news conference at the
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white house. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on this > reporter: the controversies over this matter just keep piling on. the most recent regarding the resignation of ex-cia director general david petraeus and as you said, we did learn he will testify friday morning in a closed door hearing before the house intelligence committee. petraeus we know had visit libya on his own, conducted his own investigation into what happened there. his testimony will be before the house intelligence committee about those matters, about what he discovered but not about his affair. today, members of congress will press high-ranking intelligence officials about what really happened in benghazi. president obama addressed a multiflying controversies in his first post-election press conference first saying he saw no evidence that national security was harmed in the petraeus affair. then he came to the defense of
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u.s. ambassador susan rice. republicans say she gave misleading information on five sunday stalk shows a week after the deadly rampage in benghazi. they have been hammering the administering on what they say is shifting stories and changing time lines. rice is said to be the short list to succeed hillary clinton as secretary of state. president obama lashed out at her critics. >> she has done exemplary work. she has represented the united states and our interest in the united nations with skill and prorveggallism and toughness and grace. if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. -- professionalism and toughness and grace. >> there is no credibility among most of us concerning the administering and into the numerous controversies and contradictions that have been
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involved in their handling of this issue. >> reporter: now, senators mccain and graham are call identifying select committee to investigate the benghazi attack. so far, that proposal has not been supported or endorsed by house leadership. we'll see what happens as this continues. as for the hearing today, the house general committee hearing begin at 10:15. the senate intelligence committee hearing begins at 2:30. both are closed hearing. d hear hearings. ings. -- both are closed hearings. president obama will tour some of the areas hardest hit by the superstorm later today the president will talk to storm victims and meet with first responders to thank them for their work. it's topic sure to spark comments and today people impacted by proposed school closing in the district will
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get to have their say. phil mendelsohn is holding a public hearing on the issue. it starts at 4:00 this afternoon at the wilson building. there will be another hearing on monday. the full list of proposed school closures is on we are waiting to learn the identity of a man who was shot to death by a prince george's county sheriff's deputy. it happened last night at a home on 63rd avenue in east riverdale as deputies were serve a temporary peace order. now, investigators say a woman allowed a deputy into the home and, as they were talking with that woman, a man appeared with a gun and that is when the deputy shot him. an update now to a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday. now, take a good look at this surveillance photo of the man police say robbated wal-mart store in laurel. he then shot an employee. it all happened shortly after 4:00 a.m. yesterday. the suspect walked off with the cash and then shot the employee said to be a store manager in the parking lot. now, police also believe they
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found the suspect's getaway car on fire in a nearby neighborhood. the manager is expected to survive. a pick me up and the possible link to 13 deaths. >> details involving another energy drink. >> also, the director of the pharmacy involved in the deadly meningitis outbreak refuses to answer.
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israeli forces have killed hamas' top military commander. this happened yesterday in a string of 20 air strikes on the gaza strip. violent retaliation has followed there and today, three israelis were killed in a rocket attack. israel mourns the deadly strike on the hamas commander as the beginning of a broader offensive. >> happening right now in mexico, a survey to see whether there was damage caused by an
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early morning earthquake. the 6.0 quake hit around 4:20 eastern time. the epicenter was about 105 miles south of mexico city. shaking was felt in the capital. closer to home now, lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to get to the bottom of a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak. the house energy and commerce subcommittee says it will investigate why hundreds of people were given the contaminated steroid. 32 people have died. more than 400 sickened. the opener of the pharmacy linked to the tainted drug has pleaded the fifth. concerned this morning about another popular energy drink. the fda has received reports of 13 deaths mentioning a possible link to five-hour energy. the reports are from the last four years and an anap sis of records by the "new york times" found the drink has been mentioned in around 90 filings with the fd actual. these filings do not mean the product is responsible for deaths or injuries. the company that distributes five hour energy says it is safe when used as directed.
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coming up next, they are two little words that hold a whole lot of weight. i quit. >> the hope is that thousands of people will make that promise today. the great american smoke outis -- smokeout is under way. we'll have more on that coming up. parts of the area are recovering from hurricane sandy. now, there is a way to help speed up the process. we'll have more on that when we return. [ haharry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be?
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welcome back. in the wake of superstorm sandy, two new york state utility companies say they have received subpoenas from the state attorney general. con ed and the long island power authority say they are cooperating with the investigation into the responses to the storm. parts of maryland are still recovering from the superstorm. the state's congressional delegation is asking president obama to declare a major disaster in the state. governor mart uno'malley has
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already made the same request. this would make maryland eligible for disaster recovery money from fema. >> incredible. >> can't say they didn't know it was coming. >> it is kind of hard to mentally and physically get ready for something that big. >> and it was historic. just cloud you and school with temperatures topping out near 60. it will be another cool afternoon for us. definitely jacket weather and probably need the winter coat. saw a few people wearing the winter coat. >> the big puffy coat? >> the big puffy is back. >> the bug puffy is out already? you definitely need the big puffy if you are off to the north and west. 32 this morning in frederick. let's see. quantico is 40 and 42 in fredericksburg.
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temperatures areawide in the upper 30s and low 40s. cloud cover to start your day. you can see clouds working south and north there. it is not going to be as bright and sunny as it was yesterday. yesterday was quite cool but at least we had the sunshine. today, more cloud cover. we'll see some breaks in the clouds during the course of the day. a little bit of rain shower to our south. that will get pushed back to sea here and should remain south of us. we are not going to get any rain today. as we get into friday and the weekend, things will look prieter. not a whole lot warmer but at least a little brighter. high pressure just off to the north and that is keeping us nice and cool with the northerly flow and showers here to our south down into the carolinas. high pressure will kind of ease on down a little closer to the mid-atlantic, nose on down and deliver more sunshine as we get into friday and saturday. the trend will be to bring the sunshine back for the start of your weekend. 50 today. plenty of clouds. winds north and east at about five to 10 miles per hour. and as we get into the nighttime hours, cold again overnight with temperatures
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back in the 30s. there you go. friday, saturday and now sunday, this is a big change from yesterday. now, sunday looks better. partly sunny skies. highs in the low 50s. coastal storm still not quite sure how it will impact us. we think just a few showers on monday. looks like the worst of that stays out to sea. we'll warm it up mid-50s as we approach thanksgiving next thursday. let's do some traffic and find out what is going on with julie. >> not a lot happening right now if you are continuing north of town. the story is northbound i-95. headed northbound, the accident activity occurred before 123 and all of that activity has cleared. you are sitting any backup. the pace improves only to slow closer to the franconia springfield parkway. heavy volume head north. spotty delays continuing out towards fort belvoir. we'll update the ride from the east. along 66, no issues reported as
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you continue eastbound headed in towards fair oaks. heavy volume from manassas to 28. traffic slows again from other to 123. southbound 270 busy on the top stretch approaching and passing route 80. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. today is the great american smokeout. the american cancer society urges anyone who has been thinking about quitting smoking to get started today. later on this morning, montgomery county councilmember nancy florine will talk more about a bill she is backing to ban smoking on nearly all county properties. george washington university will announce a plan to make all its campuses across the district and virginia smoke- free by next fall. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. too scared to call out sick in you are not alone. take a look at this rock. it is known as the arch duke
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joseph diamond. it sold for about $21 million. no word on a buyer though. i'll take it if someone wants to buy it for me. it for me. 
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maybe you have note id your coworkers sniffling and sneezing a lot more lately a new survey find more people are worried about calling out sick. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's talk about yesterday's dip on the dow. lauren simonetti is live with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. >> the markets have been rocky. what do we need to get some smooth sailing here? >> a decision on the fiscal cliff. since election day, the dow is down 5%. the major averages up for the year, up substantially just a couple of months ago are now in jeopardy of losing their gains.
6:25 am
so with can end 2012 exactly where we started it if not other than a little bit lower. the dow jones industrial average average is now negative for the year. that measures airlines and railroads and the shippers sending goods for us to buy essentially, sending goods to businesses. that is a key measure. the nasdaq which has apple and microsoft and ibm and google, those are all down at least 10%. it has been really ugly on wall street. >> let's cross our for examplars they make a decision sometime soon here. >> yeah. >> we are heading into now season now and that is bad for business since many workers are going to get sick and are afraid of getting sick. >> have you gotten your flu shot shot? >> no, i haven't. >> get your flu shot. okay. staples has a flu survey every year and they found that this year, just about 80% of people said they are coming into work other than though they're sick. that is appear increase of 20% from last year. and it really tells you about the job market. we are scared and worried about calling out sick. but if you come to work sick,
6:26 am
you got to remember you are contagious and you are going to get your coworkers sick. so the flu is actually a huge tea railment for businesses. $10billion in lost office productivitys the estimate each year because of the flu. >> you've convinced me. i got to go get the flu shot. no one wants to be sick. that is no fun. >> and wipe off your keyboard. 51% of people never wipe off their keyboards. that causes a lot of transmission of germs as well. >> i don't want to know what is on my keyboard. >> talk to lauren today. it is really scary. >> i'm go clean that right now. >> i have my little wipes right here. general david petraeus will testify at a hearing tomorrow, not on his affair but another controversy with much broader
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consequences. and months after the derecho, verizon is still catching criticism for a 911 failure. hare how the company is responding when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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south last month's superstorm may have made the derecho a distant memory but not for etch. the molton council of governments has released a new report. leads are say verizon don't identify a problem with two back upgenerators. in response to the report, verizon said it has resolved the causes of the generator failures and have improved procedures. let's hope we don't need to test it soon. >> you can say that again. we're very quiet today. i don't think you'll see more than clouds moving through today so cool temperatures remain across the region. there is a live look at your radar. hd radar looks nice and quiet. we do have cloud cover across the area. we'll have more clouds in the
6:31 am
forecast today than yesterday. so expect more in the way of cloud youness and remaining cool with high temperatures in the upper 40s. that is after another cold start. right now, reagan national, 42 degrees . temperatures bouncing around a little bit. dulles at 36 and bwi marshall at 40. cool conditions continue across the region. if you are off to the north and west, mid-40s for daytime highs. more cloudiness for yesterday. we should remain dry for your thursday. >> let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. traffic. our big story has been northbound i-59 and courtesy of the crew in sky fox, jeremy is hovering above the accident scene. it is cleared and as we continue further north of i-95, we are fining delays as you
6:32 am
continue towards lorton. you break free only to slow again closer to the interchanges in newing to be and again up near the franconia springfield parkway. over on route one, expect heavy volume heading out to fort belvoir. metrorail, singing tracking on the red line between glenmont and wheaton due to a trouble spot outside of the again montreal station. southbound 270 busy on the top side. almost a 4 aminute commute leaving buckiestown headed out toward father hurley boulevard. continuing through gaithersburg, not so bad but up to speed, well above speed headed into rockville at 58 miles per hour. a big day on capitol hill tomorrow. former cia directer david petraeus will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in
6:33 am
libya before house and senate intelligence committees. it will be behind closed doors. now, general petraeus will only take questions about libya and the u.s. response. president obama will tour some of the areas hardest hit by the superstorm later on today. the president will talk with storm victims and meet with first responders to thank them for their work. right after the storm hit, the white house and new york city mayor michael bloomberg agreed it was not the right time to visit putting off the president's visit allowed all available resources to focus on recovery instead. and today, people impacted by proposed school closings in the district will get to have their say. council chair phil mendelsohn is holing a public hearing on the issue. it will start at 4:00 this afternoon at the wilson building. full list of proposed school closures is on in the morning line, act like you haven't heard this
6:34 am
before. the woodward faced dallas still looking for their first win of the season. coach randy whitman hoping his guys can find their stroke after the team hit just 29 on the field against the lowly charlotte bob cats on tuesday. tease fell in a huge hole in part because of mayo's 25 points. at one point, the wizards were down by 22 points. amazingly, they made a comeback to make it interesting pulling to within three, three times in the games final minutes. martins with a perfect four for four from three-point range. the team hit 13 of 27 from beyond the arc. this one would go down to the wire but in the end, it was dallas with 22 seconds left that got the lead. the mavs go on to win 107-101. the wizards drop to 0-7 for the season. hopefully, they can beat utah on saturday. aturday.
6:35 am
now, to some redskins news. deangelo hall's spat with the officials in the steeler game reportedly cost the quarterback $30,000. pierre garson was limited in practice because of his injured toe but coach shanahan like his. prompt and isn't ruling out a return this week. meanwhile, robert griffin iii was voted cocap pain of the team over the bye week. griffin says he is feeling better ands that cleared his head with the recent days off. he says there is still something to play for. >> it is one game at a time. you don't look to the future because you have to take care of what you have in front of you. i think the mayoffs are a realistic goal for us. i don't think there is a guy in that locker room that doesn't believe that i don't i think we have to play our best football the second half of the season. enall football teams do regardless of what your record is. you want to play well. ore phak us is on one game --
6:36 am
our focus is on one game. we'll do it that way the old- fashioned way. ned way. its. skins get set to tanle with the tanking eagles on sunday. they have a last five straight. hopefully, it will be six after this week. >> all right. >> coming up next, children in need of crucial medical care forced to wait week, sometimes months to get help. >> in a fox 5 investigation, sherry ly looks at what is beheaped the shortage of peed trigs that newss us to some patients and young parents left to deal with the impact. the shortage of pediatricians that introduces us to some patient and young parent left
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children waiting months to see a doctor. >> due to a severe shortage of pediatricians and it is leading to extreme delays in children
6:40 am
getting crucial care. sherry ly takes a closer look in this fox 5 sleevings. >> reporter: for sanchez to get back on his feet even with a walker is an accomplishment. >> it is getting better. he is more independent. >> the 7-year-old born with cerebral palsy underwent surgery on his legs and took his first steps this year. he waited four months to get into physical therapy. >> he is so determined to get around to walking f we'd gotten him faster help, he would probably be walking by himself now. >> oswaldo who needs occupational therapy too has been on a wait list for ot since april. it is the grim reality for the sickest children, pediatric patients who need critical care or surgery face lengthy waits. >> much better. >> i've heard stories of mothers in the waiting rooms
6:41 am
sometimes and they do talk about that with long waiting periods. >> reporter: long waits are common too at dr. ellen hamburger's pediatric practice. it has been hard finding young doctors willing to work with children. >> i know that other practices in the area were part of a consortium of sick pediatric practices have had quite a bit of difficulty recruiting pediatricians if their practices. >> reporter: one study found as many ads 8.1 million children have no pediatrician in their area. the shortage is compounded by the lack of what is called pediatric subspecialists. these are the doctors that treat kids with more severe medical conditions. >> we have had great difficulty accessing -- having our patients access subspecialists in the last several years. >> reporter: while the standard wait for an appointment is two weeks, a sioux survey found children who need a pediatric subspecialist may wait seven
6:42 am
times longer to see a doctor. there are so few specialists, some patients drive hundreds of mile just to get an appointment. >> the delays can be critical. sometimes a matter of life and death. >> reporter: take the case of 14-year-old mike johnston who suffered from debilitating headache for more than a year. the wait to see a neurological pediatrician was so long he ended up in the emergency room before the appointment ever arrived. he had a brain tumor. >> find out it is going to be two months or to find out you have to drive to another city to cut the wait for four weeks is really difficult for families and i think endangers kids. >> reporter: the wait time for pediatric neurology is nearly nine weeks. genetics, about 11 weeks and developmental pediatrics more than more than 14 weeks for an appointment, nearly four months. that is the average with many more patients waiting longer i don't you don't know what the negative impact will be so often times, the lack of things in the early years show up
6:43 am
maybe much later in life. >> reporter: can you thank in part the killer debt from medical school, the american association of medical colleges reports young doctors graduate with an average debt of more than $160,000 while salaries in pediatrics lag behind other doctors and specialists. for dr. claire bogard, a pediatric resident in the district, it is a tough choice. >> i think a lot of people felt a lot of financial pressure and made decisions based on that. >> budget cuts threaten to eliminate some of these positions. >> right now, he is on the waiting list for ot. he is not a priority guess so he gets down on the bottom of the waiting list. >> no one understand the critical shortage as much as the families who may not have
6:44 am
the time to wait. sureyly, fox 5 news. >> the affordable care act has a provision to help grads pay off the medical school debt. those two choose a pediatric sub special at this, surgery or mental or behavioral health could get more than $100,000 to repay the student loans. the centers for disease control and prevention says african-american women are more likely to die from breast cancer than any other racial or ethnic group. the cdc reports, while early detection and treatment is best for any woman, african-american women didn't get the same quality care as others. breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among u.s. women. time now to talk about weather and tucker barnes is here. >> good morning. cool temperatures to start your day. going to be cool this afternoon as well. a big change from yesterday, more cloudiness from yesterday. it is not going to rain. it will feel gloomy out there. >> all right. we can handle that. not going to rain so we'll be
6:45 am
okay. >> we'll be fine. let's get to the numbers and let you know with the cloud cover, temperatures just a little bit warmer than they were 24 hours ago. currently, 42 in washington. 40 in quantico. off to the north and west, temperatures have fallen below frozing once again in frederick. ederick. temperatures generally in the 30s and low 40s. 45 in annapolis. chains from he had y, cloud cover moving in euro night. a little upper level piece of energy moving through. it doesn't have enough oomph to give us any rain showers. you can see it has cloud cover spread across the mid-atlantic from new england down into the carolinas. changes from yesterday, cloud cover moving in overnight. this high pressure noses down pack into the region here over the next couple of days and we should see more and more sunshine as we get into the
6:46 am
weekend. a few changes in the weekend forecast. i think you'll see a little sunshine during the course of the day. a mostly cloudy day and the clouds will fill back in later on this afternoon and tonight. forecast for today, 50. that is still cool for this time year. plenty of clouds. winds north and east at five to 10. you should see a little sunshine during the day, just not quite as much as yesterday. 53 tomorrow with more sunshine. remember yesterday, we were talking about rain showers sunday late and sunday night. that looks like that won't happen. so going to the redskins game, d.c. united, that kind of thing, sunday afternoon, it will be sunny with highs only the low 50s. but any time you are at i agame and it is not raining, that is a good thing. >> he is -- especially when they win. >> yes. i can't ching that though. >> hello to everybody. good morning. guess whats time for. time for.
6:47 am
-- guess what it's time for. yeah. >> what happened to it in. >> there it is. >> i thought that was attached to the graphic. i didn't know they were two separate things that had to happen at once. >> that's television. >> it is time. it is very complicate. so is today's question as a matter of fact. it is time for ask tony and tucker. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question is from david courtney. he writes, the other evening, the sunset was so beautiful. how fast would you have to travel to keep the sunset in front of you across the united states? wow! >> i wondered this myself, david. >> are you really? if you are in a plane, especially in you are heading west. i've wondered before. >> thank goodness we have the skyscan and mathematical mind of tucker barnes. >> when i read this question, i
6:48 am
was like i have no idea. >> can i call a friend? >> that is not the right answer. so i'm going it try to keep it simple. if i don't keep it simple, hop on it. you do know the answer at this point i don't i understand it now better. >> owe it is all about how fast the earth is rotating and where you're located on the earth if you want to seat longest sunset. he asked about the united states. i wish i hay little something to he show you like a tennis ball. >> you know what? my seat rotates. i can be the earth. >> this is going to be interesting. >> not the same. because you have a point at the top and then you are a a little wider -- well be maybe it will work. work. well, maybe it will work. >> he will reference the point. this will be the earth's equator, my widest point.
6:49 am
>> we're going high tech. . >> closer to the earthance equator, the circumference is about 25 miles around. in our latitude, thering is moving at 700 to 900 miles per hour. if you were standing at the north pole, it wouldn't be moving at all. what are you doing? >> i have no idea what tony is doing. >> i'm distracting. >> so if you -- the bottom line is this. if the earth is moving at 700 to 900 miles per hour at our latitude and you were flying on a plane that was traveling at 500 to 600 miles per hour like i was last summer and it was the right time of year. you have to remember the sun shifts here with the different seasons, you can actually follow the sunset for several hours. last year, i was flying out to
6:50 am
los angeles in the late summer and it was absolutely incredible. we follow the sunset for probably half of my night, maybe two and a half hours. there was some height out there. >> if you were traveling about 500, 600 miles per hour, you are able to keep up with it. >> you are able to on a plane. >> if did you want to seat longest possible sunset, get yourself up toward the north pole and south pole at the right time of year. the sun never really sets and it gets on the horizon there during what they call twilight. so can you catch the sun setting for 24 hours. how about that? that would be kind of crazy. >> very interesting. >> fascinating stuff. >> i understood it much more when tony stopped rotating. >> i appreciate it. ido too. thank you, david courtney. phaciating question.
6:51 am
travel west about 700 miles per hour and you will able to follow the sunset. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. -- fascinating question. >> which album? >> i don't remember. i think it is his last album. i forget what it is called. >> mark this down. he does not know the answery to abateels question. my goodness. >> it was from all that spinning. i got con physeds. >> all right. let's check in with julie wright. >> i was waiting for him to just kind of tip over. -- i got confused. >> low hasn't stood up since he spun around. >> not going to for a couple of of minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, if you hear a big thump during my traffic report, don't worry. 95 and 395 coming from the springfield mixing bowl, that
6:52 am
is where we find the crew in sky fox hovering above 95 and 395 headed towards edsall road. northbound 95 was troubled with a crash at 123. that has cleared. delays are still congested in woodbridge. jeff hit me up to twitter said northbound route 1 is miserable. big delays from cardinal drive headed northbound. to the west on 66, no incidents to report but again, coming in towards manassas at business 234, down to 31 miles per hour. pace does not improve unfortunately. 37miles per hour at fair oak. not moving at speed. the trip southbound on 270, almost a 45 minute commute for those continuing southbound leaving 85 headed out towards germantown. well above speed conning out
6:53 am
towards rockville. now-- well above speed continuing out towards rockville. this delays on metro headed up towards shady grave due tie problem at dupont circle. listen to this next story. people magazine has named its latest sexiest man alive. 32-year-old channing tatum gets the honor this year. you may have seen him on the big korean in movies including step up, gi joe and magic mike which i know wisdom watches over and over. the actor says he was stunned to hear the news and he is taken. tatum has been married since 2009. >> good thing essexy because he can't act. >> you know who el is on that list, tony and tucker were 100 and 101. today, the national toy hall of fame will name its 2012
6:54 am
inductees of the the final include the game clue, light bright and magic eight ball andling green army men. >> they haven't been on there yet? >> i would have thought. >> they've been around for a while. >> they're in my hall of fame. previous winners include play- doh to cardboard boxes. that is a toy. >> kids love the toy boxes. the cardboard boxes. >> but they aren't toys. >> tell my kids that. they got one in the room right now this they're jumping up and down on. >> high end toys there at the martin household. >> that's right. spare no expense. >> still aahead on fox 5 morning news. holly is live at the national harbor showing us what is in store on ice. it is family fun you'll find
6:55 am
nowhere else.
6:56 am
6:57 am
11/15/12 good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and we are
6:58 am
going to whisk you away to winter wonderland. a 15,000 square foot winter wonderland that has become a tradition. welcome to 2012 ice. this year's theme is dream work shrek the halls. and this morning while it opens to the public tomorrow, we are giving you the first inside look. we're going to see how this happens. this is from 2 million pounds of ice. 5,000 blocks. 400 pounds each. 40 master carvers and carve for 30 days alone. we're going to take you through some of the scenes. we're also going to watch a master carver at work and find out how they do all this. how they keep it going for the 52 days and don't forget this is part of a bigger celebration. we're going to find out about that.
6:59 am
oh, did i mention it's 9 degrees in here? we're going to tell you bundle up. come out and enjoy. >> you had me there until you said 9 degrees. >> i'm cold looking at you. >> there's hot totties waiting on the other side. >> i'm back in. we're good. >> all right . thank you. >> that's it for the 6. >> let's send it over to allison and tony. >> good morning. coming up on fox 5 morning news. a number of investigations into that u.s. consulate attack in libya begin today in congress as many questions still loom. republicans are taking aim at susan rice and isn't sitting well with president obama. >> and the founder of a software company designed to protect your computer needs protection


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